Wednesday, December 09, 2009Y
4:48 PM
Welcome to the blog world..ü i dont have person to count on by this time thats why i ended up writing in this old blog site..
I really dont know what is happening to me. Im soo confused right at this moment. Loving someone is not an easy task.. Im inlove but i think i cannot handle this love forever.. I want to quit because we always fought for just small things. *blame me for being nagger*. I just cant help it. Hay.. I love him so much. I never loved anybody in my entire life like this.. Pero kung kelan ako nagmahal ng totoo saka pa lang nangyayari yung ganito. I want to cry because i really think i am soo helpless in this situation.
Di ko maintindihan why he is being alchoholic nowadays. Parang may problema xa na hindi nya sinasabi. Parang nawawala na ang soo called love na sinasabi nya sa akin.
Nakakapagod.. But i have to fight for our relationship..:( even if im already tired..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009Y
10:56 PM
hahaha.. who's who?! who's posting now?! Kaween?! yeah right.. nagbabalik.. :D tired today because of yesterday's event! haha.. super.. but hell i was so damn happy. haha.. un na un! i will update all of you if i got my connection again.. be ready for my blog hopping sessions guys.. i missed you all..